Fantastic insights, Wes! Your breakdown on navigating the delicate dance of discussing deadlines is incredibly valuable. The emphasis on intellectual honesty and open communication in both parts for direct reports and managers is spot on. It's refreshing to see a nuanced approach that acknowledges the complexities of managing timelines. Your actionable scripts provide a practical guide, making it easier for individuals to express their challenges without unnecessary stress. Looking forward to more of your thoughtful perspectives

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Communicating proactively is huge, Wes!

As I high performer I used to do the same - go heads down and try to work overtime to get a project back on track.

I realized it was hurting me and my team and my boss.

For me I wasn’t my best self because I was stressed and not sleeping as much. For my team I was rushing them to review my code, and shipping code that wasn’t quite as good. For my boss they didn’t know, and so they couldn’t pull any levers to help me, and were kept out of the loop.

Now I share at the first sign something might be off, or even if it’s on track to build trust. Doing both builds huge trust with my managers.

I become known for being reliable, even if sometimes I’m pushing back on deadlines, they know they can count on me, either way.

And because I bring both blockers and ideas, I’m a trusted partner in delivering value to our users and meeting our shared business goals.

So important. And has been so huge for my career growth. Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent tips, Wes 🔥

I missed some deadlines for clients, but it was never awkward because:

- I shared updates regularly

- I told them Why we do things (without diving too much into the details if it's pointless, i.e., for a non-technical CEO)

- I was honest when asked why a thing takes longer than initially thought

> Therefore, I must hide how long a task really took at all costs.

This is one of the most frequent and worst errors engineers can make because these hidden hours can add up and sabotage an entire project or an organization. It's essential to talk openly about how long work takes.

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Clarity in communication with setting set emotions aside. ❤️

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Love reading your posts!

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