Next level advice! - Always consider the "question behind the question”.

I have found that taking a quick pause before answering gives me a chance to gather my thoughts and decide what approach to take.

Earlier in my career, my instinct was to answer as fast as possible to show I was on top of it. Taking a moment to consider the question behind the question was something I had to learn and practice. Not an easy skill but important to learn.

Great post!

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Amazing point, Wes. I’m familiar with the question QBQ and I’ve practicing a lot. However reading especially this part “Your question-asker might not know why they feel skeptical, so you're trying to hit a moving target”, made me realize that I too often take for granted that people know and have clear what they want to ask. Which is rarely the case. This will definitely help me not get stuck in never-ending back-and-forth as I often do, moved by my goodwill.

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Wes Kao

Love this! I’ve done talks about the importance of asking “why” to uncover the underlying motivations... but based on your article, maybe I should update it to “what”!

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Wow. What a great advice.

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Another framework that I've found helpful to get to the QBQ is the 'Five Why Framework' - asking someone (or yourself) 'why' five times to actually get to the core.

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Awesome advice Wes!

Adding onto your "probing for more information " section.

There's a book I read a while ago called "Talk to Me" by Dean Nelson, a Boston Globe journalist. In the book he provides advice on how journalists interview, ask questions, and do research.

A great book for anyone to checkout.

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